KINSEIRYUHOU is a therapeutic approach which has rationally, anatomically and physiologically, analyzed and to a certain extent reconstructed, the traditional KENBIKI techniques.  KENBIKI healing techniques originated in Japan back in the feudal ages, in order to gfixh injured warriors in the battlfields.  By direct BIKI (pull) manipulations of the KEN (muscles and tendons), it aims to neutralize false signals by the nerves and improve poor blood-circulations and other malfunctions of the body.  KENBIKI techniques do NOT knead, percuss, or gpop bonesh.  It rather gpullsh the muscles and tendons gback intoh their locations and positions in which they can function at the optimum level, resulting in not only alleviations from pain and/or physical malfunctions through gphysical resettingh,  but also bringing forth onefs natural healing abilities.


KINSEIRYUHOU has been found extremely successful in treating acute and chronic lower back pains, frozen and stiff shoulders, limited range of motions in the elbow and knee joints, locked mandibular joints, locked and stiff hip joints, sciatica, facial and intercostal neuralgia, trigger fingers, menstrual pain and irregular cycles, fatigue, whiplash of the neck, abnormal autonomic nervous system functions, anorexia, depression, constipation, and etc.


KENBIKI is an extremely-simple and very-little-time-consuming method.  Yet, KENBIKI holds quite a bit of potential in removing pain and ailments once believed to be gnon-curableh by the patient, due to its unique approach.  Perhaps it is only natural that KENBIKI developed this character, since its effectiveness was a determining-factor of literal "life-or-death" for the warriors in the ancient battlefields. This Japanese traditional healing method called KENBIKI has been gresurrectedh in the world today in order to meet the demands in this modern world, not only by those who suffer pain and discomfort, but also by athletes and other professionals seeking faster-recovery and effective physical-conditioning.


KINSEIRYUHOU currently has about 700 students in Japan, of which about 300 of them being certified practitioners of the KENBIKI method.  KENBIKI dojos and clinics offering the method totals to about 100 locations throughout Japan.  Through the dojos or seminars held in many parts of Japan, ANYONE can experience and/or study KENBIKI therapy!



And...what is KENBIKI like??


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