Not too different in concept from Acupuncture, moxibustion is a heat stimulation on the meridian points by burning moxa on the points, compared to that of metallic stimulation by needles, in acupuncture. The uniqueness of moxibustion is the heat itself, which can not only be an effective stimulation of the meridian points, but also warm the local area of the human body, and the smoke produced by the burning have aromatic effects.

There are many ways to take advantage of this moxibustion therapy, from burning the moxa on herbs/vegetables where one only feels mild heat sensation, to completely burning the moxa on the human skin to the point where it causes minor inflammation. It can therefore be anywhere from warm to very hot!

At ENERGY ROOM, we perform moxibustion mostly in combination with our acupuncture therapy.  Of course, anybody can also receive moxibustion, upon request, as an additional option to the Shiatsu-Jutsu therapy.  Those thought to have too much of "cold element" inside, whose stagnation of the "ki" is accompanied by a stubborn stagnation of the "blood", and certain conditions that may benefit from the moxibustion smoke may benefit quite significantly.  Rather than too radical of a moxibution stimulation, we put emphasis on the "pleasantly warm feelings" and "hot but good sensations"




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