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rickStretching my body is my hobby, and the unlimited potential of the human body just amazes me. I always loved massage therapy, and I came across acupuncture and shiatsu in Japan, which I just HAD to learn! The more I learned, the more involved I got into therapy, and the more fascinated I became with what "sleeps" within the human body (and the human mind, if I may add)!
The more involved, the longer the journey became. The longer the journey, more and more precious treasures were found on the way.
The journey is still going, and will probably never end.

In the hopes to share the fantastic ability of the human body with the people in Japan, Japanese or not,
I started ENERGY ROOM in May of 2006.

My name is Rick Terauchi, born in Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan. So far from what I have been told from my family, I am a full-blooded Japanese with of course a Japanese citizenship, but that fact is constantly under question by many people on many occasions. Well that is not so important. Or I do not think it is, anyways!

I have a psych degree from OU (University of Oklahoma), which makes me a SOONER! This too may also seem irrelevant, but considering how the body and mind are one, this fact has helped me tremendously in understanding really how influential the human mind can be to the body.

After studying at a school in Tokyo (Hanada Gakuen), I was eligible to take the Japan national exams. After passing those exams, I officially became an acupuncturist, moxibustion therapist, and shiatsu/massage therapist, licensed by the Japanese government.

Not too long after becoming licensed, I again by chance came across a unique form of massage, called "Deep Tissue Massage". Destiny pretty much lead me, and I was lead to the position of teaching Deep Tissue Massage to the Australian people. After Opening ENERGY ROOM, further studies and experience/experiments led me to a Japanese traditional healing method, Kenbiki. Studying Kenbiki to the recognized Kenbiki-shi level gave me yet another something to incorporate into my therapy! Then, in December of 2016, I have decided to make Kenbiki my main method, after I was convinced and inspired enough about how passionate my fellow Kenbiki-shis are, and the potential of Kinseiryuhou as an organization.

The miracle of the human body is what got me into doing this job, and is what keeps me going. Indeed, the human body is pretty much unlimited in potential! It is constant studying and always learning something new, but always fun not to mention interesting, and quite frequently followed by unexpectedly impressive outcomes.

Each and every one of us are responsible for making our own bodies and lives better. We all have the right to such lives and bodies, but in the world today, I personally think it should be considered "a duty" to have good bodies and lives, rather than "a right". And to have good bodies and lives, there are certain "requirements".

If anything mentioned here catches your attention deep within, maybe receiving therapy at ENERGYROOM, can give you the "key" to your "duty"...


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